Ladies and Gentleman

Singapore has made economic development our foremost priority. Singapore strategic location along a key international waterway and our deep natural harbor enable us to make the maritime industry one of our key engines of growth.The history of Vita Enterprises is in many ways a reflection of growth. Notwithstanding our natural strengths, We constantly strived to adapt to our external environment and capitalize on new opportunities of growth. I am pleased to note that due to our dedication and hardwork pursue new growth areas for the future.

The future ahead will be challenging but it is also full of opportunity. With the dedications and professionalism of every individual here today, I believe that we can continue to reach new heights.


In the beginning we only have 30 workers. Today Vita Enterprises have more than 800 employees established as a resident contractor of Sembawang shipyard and Keppel shipyard in 1988. Vita Enterprises has expanded its portfolio services today. Vita Enterprises stands as a successful company with expanding businesses and specialized marine engineering and mechanical engineering such as pipe work fabrication repair services and dedicate at tank cleaning.

We have multiple trades which includes Cleaning, Mechanical, Pipping and Structure and Alignment services Individual departments carried their own job scope :-

We constantly upgrade our workers knowledge and skill to increase productivity and skill to increase productivity and skill level looking into the future. Vita enterprises Pte Ltd provides this training course to ensure committed work force. We have on-the-job training, Skills improvement training, Fabrication training, and Welding training.


Vita Enterprise has acquired ISO 9001:2000 and OHSA 18001:2007 since 2003 to enhance its occupation safety and productivity standards. This dominance is further acknowledge when we are awarded the first BIZSAFE level star from the ministry of manpower in Singapore.


Vita Enterprises recognizes safety and health of workers as top priorities in their businesses. We engage ourselves in health program. We constantly improve on our safety standards, hazard identification, accident follow ups, safety briefing, safety demonstration, safety orientation for new workers, safety competency screening for new workers, fire preventive and control courses, safety committee meetings in-house inspection, safe work procedures, qualified first aider.


We are controlled to continually improving our Quality, Health, and Safety Management system to achieve total customer satisfied. Carried out our operation so that as far as is reasonably practicable the health, safety or condition of any person or property will not be adversely affected by our undertakings.


Compliance with relevant legal and other requirements . Promoting communication and consultation with all persons working in its control on the management of health and safety. Review this policy and associated management system periodically and taking action, if necessary, to ensure its effectiveness.